Safety – Patents and startup protection

Thanks to cooperation with one of the largest law firms in Silesia and well known law firms in foreign markets among others USA, China, Israel, Europe we are able to secure your idea on the Polish and foreign markets. Professional lawyers are on your side from the very beginning of your cooperation with us, giving you the opportunity to focus on refining your start-up.

If you want to develop a new technology, you know you will have to have your patents. How do you know if the patent you have already filed by accident does not exist?

You will certainly need help verifying whether or not your patents have been used or when submitting your own patent applications. Thanks to the specialists we work with, you will avoid possible problems arising from the accidental use of someone else’s patent. The lawsuits arising from this kind of issue can go on for years and be very expensive. It is better to initially protect your project than it is later to be forced out of the market. Take advantage of the advice and services of our specialists and focus only on project creation, and leave the rest to us.

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