So you have an idea, but what next?


Do you have an idea or a prototype and looking for an investor? With us, the best and most respected experts in new technology, marketing, PR, positioning and whispering marketing, branding and, most importantly, working with legal advisers, you increase your chances of start-up success by dedicating yourself to improving it.

Step 1.

If you have an idea for something that has a chance to emerge on the market, and you have no experience in acquiring an investor then you have come to the right place.

Our company is engaged in attracting investors from Poland, USA, China, Saudi Arabian and many European countries. We know how to encourage them to invest in interest, just your idea.

Step 2.

The next stage is the development of the idea itself, here too we can help. If you have encountered a specific problem that threatens the success of your project, our new technology specialists will try to help you solve it. Remember in any case you will not be alone!

Step 3.

When you reach the halfway point you will need lawyers to sign and create many contracts, the offices we work with are also at your disposal.

If you were responsible for it, then probably after reading the 40 pages of the contract you would refuse to analyze it further, including the next 40 pages. Thanks to our help, you can be sure that the contract will not contain any clauses that will be unfavorable for you.

Step 4.

And at the very end, once you have a product, investors, advocate support is no less important than announcing to the world your invention.

We will run a marketing campaign, launch our industry contacts for whisper marketing, branding and ensure a stable market position!

Step 5.

Remember that just having an idea does not guarantee success, there are billions of people in the world and you are never sure if one of them has already come up with the same idea.

You have to take part in the race so that your solution is the first on the market, just like every athlete to succeed has helper facilities, so you also should take care to have your own helpers.

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