With us, you will develop a startup

We support start-ups, we search for people with interesting ideas or technological prototypes, and we help them get through all the procedures required to set up their businesses, by supporting knowledge, finding investors (mostly foreign), marketing campaigns until after the final product. We cooperate with closed investor clubs from many countries including USA, China, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

We know how to attract investors to your idea.

What to do next with an idea?

Have an idea or prototype and are you looking for an investor? With us, the best and most respected experts of new technologies, marketing, PR, positioning and whisper marketing, branding and, most importantly, working with legal advisors, you increase the chances of your start-ups success, devoted to improving it.

Deploying Start-Up To Market 93%
Deploying New Technologies in Companies 87%
Attracting Investors from Abroad 87%
Attracting Investors from Poland 89%
Complexity of Start-Up / Companies / Companies Services 97%

You have an idea, but what next?

Do You have an idea or a prototype and are you looking for an investor? With us, the best and most respected experts of new technology, marketing, PR, positioning and whispering marketing, branding and, most importantly, working with legal advisers, you increase the chances of your start-up success by dedicating yourself to improving it.

Safety - Patents and startup protection

Thanks to cooperation with one of the largest law firms in Silesia and well known law firms in foreign markets among others in USA, China, Israel and throughout Europe we are able to safeguard your idea on Polish and foreign markets. Professional lawyers are on your side from the very beginning of your cooperation with us, giving you the opportunity to focus on refining your start-up.

Together we will prepare your startup to attract investors.

We have very valuable contacts in the financial, investment and new technologies market all over the world among others USA, China, Russia, Israel and throughout Europe. We know what investors and investment funds are paying attention to, as they what it takes to get the most out of your start-up, including EU grants, after joining us.

The best specialists on the market specially for you.

By working with us, you are providing your project with the support to professionals from many industries who have been working on IT / Start-ups / New Technologies for many years. They are people who, thanks to their acquired experience know the so called "what and how". Market enthusiasts.

Why us?

With us, turn your Start-Up into a running business We will implement the latest technology in your business with grants / subsidies


Recent Marketing Methods (whispering, behavioral)

Specialists utilizing the latest marketing methodsproperly promote your Start-Up by making it a product desired by investors and consumers.

PR-Viral PR in Social Media

Today a recognizable and popular image on the web is the backbone of any industry, especially with Start-Ups and new technologies. Our specialists, people from leading PR firms will successfully lead every Social Media campaign.


We have access to investors from Poland and abroad among others USA, China, Israel, Saudi Arabia and throughout Europe.

Thanks to our business contacts we are able to reach the "right people" in order to present and gain the investment for even the most demanding Start-Up. Did you know that the same group of investors corresponds to the success of major social networking sites? We have access to them.

EU grants

We win EU Grants - Our Specialists know how to raise additional funding.

In addition to investors, a very good idea for start-up funding are both EU and government grants. We know how to write proposals in which competitions to participate, so that good ideas get the right money in that can also your idea.


You have two options on how to cooperation - you decide.

You use our specialists or we set up a new company for your project where you are the president with the majority of the shares and we develop the project for 110%.


Enthusiasts from markets responsible for the success of the largest IT companies in Poland and abroad, Foreign Investors, Scientists, Start-ups, Institutions and most importantly the security of your idea with law firms.

Schlimmer Intelligence

"A Product Fit for the President " - Scott Schlimmer, a former CIA Officer, brings operational and analytic experience from the world's premier intelligence organization. He is the co-author of Stories from Langley: A Glimpse Inside the CIA. He won a National Intelligence Award for work on terrorist threats to the homeland (USA), has extensive experience working with C-suite executives and advised the President of the United States. He has also being cited as media correspondent and published author

Urszula Leiss

Coach for two big start-ups including Life in Mobile, among its customers are also  Mary Kay Cosmetics, Voith, Businesslink Katowice, Fozz, 3a.pl, Leader Group, Strategic Planning School, Play. She most often works with business owners, board members, sales groups, and teachers. The author of an innovative workshop on stress-based work with the body's self-defence techniques. Her scope of work is business coaching, career coaching, action learning, team coaching, communication workshops, belief workshops.


Marek Palka

An expert and someone who is passionate about mobile marketing and new technologies. Creates communication with customers for the largest brands in Poland and in the world. Educates marketers how to fully utilize marketing tools such including SMS to increase sales and realize the most efficient and effective campaigns. He works with brands such as New Balance, Gino Rossi, Answear.com, Mercedes Benz and Vision Express. With years of experience in the industry and an extensive network of contacts, it allows him to provide business partners in every industry which is invaluable in business. Every day he supports the SMSAPI.pl platform as a Business Strategic Partner.

Paweł Pikoń

We are an advisory firm that has been on the market since 2015. Our employees and co-workers are former employees of the Marshal's Office and the Silesian Center of Entrepreneurship, who have many years of experience in the preparation of applications for grants, feasibility studies, business plans and other documents related to applying for external funds and investment settlements. We specialize in serving businesses from the SME sector and non-governmental organizations, but we also serve local government units.

New York Private Equity Forums

New York Private Equity Forum hosts America’s best investor-attended national funding venues for early and later-stage companies.In light of its recognition, the Forum has received applauds from the investment community and entrepreneurs seeking capital.Equity forums are exclusive invitation-only events designed to assemble a select group of business visionaries, entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, investment professionals, and money managers. In addition to presenting " one-of-a-kind " private investment opportunities, this prestigious event at the Yale Club New York is designed to be an ideal setting for new business development, exchange of ideas, creation of deal flow, location of capital sources and ultra-high-end networking.

Ali Awais Amin

Industrial Automation • Strategic Innovation • Instrumentation & Control • Industrial Cyber Security - IoT Advisor for Convetit, a disruptive methodology and marketplace for companies looking to reinvent their research and innovation capabilities to outpace their competition. Founder and Chief Officer - Startup Pirates Pakistan

Lee Common

Founder/Leader/Advocate @ Creative Movement in Sovereign Wealth ... Lee worked in Real Estate for 8 years. Garrow Loftis GMAC in Flushing MI. Residential listings & buyer agent. C-21 woodland Flushing MI. Where he had his first experiences in Commercial Real Estate. Lee will demonstrate his vision through three lenses, converging to effect both socioeconomic as well as sociopsychological objectives in scope, evoking increasingly perpetually balanced, stable and sustainable markets of lowered systemic risk. Championing ethical values, empathy, symmetry, transparency, the scientific method and stochastic processes to influence global consciousness and cooperation in international investments. Expanding on the shared vision of Sovereign Wealth . We are advocating for an international coalition of Sovereign Wealth funds, how they in conjunction with central banks can work together to stabilize markets! Powered by Thorium!

Ouer Team

Tomasz Medaj

Tomasz Medaj

Partner, Adviser to the Board
Bartłomiej Medaj

Bartłomiej Medaj

Partner, Adviser to the Board

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Global Innovation Support
Global Innovation Support20 hours ago
Firma SpaceX współpracowała z armią amerykańską podczas projektu ZUMA. Misją było wyniesienie tajemniczego obiektu na orbitę, który prawdopodobnie był rodzajem samolotu mogącego atakować z kosmosu cele naziemne. Pogłoski o porażce zostały oficjalnie zdementowane.

Masz pomysł na biznes?
Napisz do nas: http://globalinnovationsupport.com/, http://startupera.pl/ już dziś, a my pomożemy Ci osiągnąć wymarzony sukces.

(źródło: https://sattrackcam.blogspot.nl/2018/01/fuel-dump-of-zumas-falcon-9-upper-stage.html)
Global Innovation Support
Global Innovation Support2 days ago
Windows czy Linux? Płacić czy nie płacić? Wielu użytkowników zadaje sobie to pytanie. Dziś jesteśmy świadkami, że nie tylko zwykły obywatel może mieć ten problem, Barcelona właśnie zdecydowała się porzucić Windowsa na rzecz Linuxa jak donosi portal Open Source Observatory and Repository. Nie stanie się to z dnia na dzień, miasto ma na celu płynne przejście pomiędzy systemami, ale aby to osiągnąć zmuszone jest najpierw zlecić lokalnym firmom z branży IT stworzenie oprogramowania, które będą wykorzystywali urzędnicy. Zatrudni również 65 własnych deweloperów, by pomagali w tym procesie. Finałem tego kroku będzie nowy pakiet oprogramowania open source na Linuxa, który dotychczas był dostępny tylko dla Windowsa i porzucenie obecnie używanego systemu.
Barcelona posiada ponad 5 mln mieszkańców, spory roczny budżet. Więc chęć przejścia na oprogramowanie darmowe nie jest podyktowana oszczędnościami. Miasto to w czynny sposób podchodzi do europejskiej polityki Public Money - Public Code (co w tłumaczeniu mówi: publiczne pieniądze - publiczny kod). Dzięki temu za pieniądze podatników tworzone będzie otwarte oprogramowanie. z którego oni sami będą mogli skorzystać całkowicie za darmo.

A Ty co sądzisz o tworzeniu darmowego softu? Być może masz już jakiś pomysł na projekt (niekoniecznie bezpłatny), który chciałbyś wypuścić na rynek?
Napisz do nas: http://globalinnovationsupport.com/, a my pomożemy Ci osiągnąć sukces!

Źródło:https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/news/public-money-public-code (Zdjęcie: dmc-rtaspain.com)
Global Innovation Support
Global Innovation Support2 days ago
Rozwój technologii w dzisiejszym świecie wiąże się głównie z mocą obliczeniową komputerów, które wykonują skomplikowane obliczenia by pchnąć naszą cywilizację na kolejny szczebel. Istnieje lista TOP500 superkomputerów na świecie, która kiedyś była zdominowana przez Stany Zjednoczone, naprzemiennie z Chinami. Jeśli wziąć pod uwagę tylko te dwa mocarstwa można stwierdzić że ich jednostki stanowią prawie 4/5 całej listy.
Obecnie na honorowym miejscu TOP1 znajdują się Chiny wraz ze swoim superkomputerem Sunway TihuLight, którego wydajność wynosi 93,01 PFLops’a. Unia Europejska ma w planach budowę własnej jednostki za kwotę bagatela 1 miliard euro, która miałaby zdetronizować obecnego zwycięzcę tego wyścigu. Prace mają być zakończone na przełomie lat 2022/2023, a finansowane będą ze wszystkich krajów członkowskich. Moc obliczeniowa europejskiej jednostki ma być głównie wykorzystywana do prac naukowych z zakresu medycyny i metrologii.

Jak sądzicie czy warto tyle pieniędzy pchać w coraz to nowe superkomputery, gdzie co 2 rok powstają dużo wydajniejsze komponenty do ich budowy? A może lepiej byłoby rzadziej budować superkomputery co kilka lat podnosząc znacznie ich wydajność, a zaoszczędzone pieniądze przeznaczyć na innowacje, które ułatwią życie zwykłemu Kowalskiemu (zbieżność nazwisk przypadkowa 🙂 )?
Zachęcamy do podzielenia się opinią w komentarzu !
A może to właśnie Ty masz pomysł na coś co ma szansę zawojować na obecnym rynku? Napisz do nas: http://globalinnovationsupport.com/, a my pomożemy Ci osiągnąć sukces !

Źródło: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/eurohpc-joint-undertaking (Zdjęcie: dailymail.co.uk)
Global Innovation Support
Global Innovation Support3 days ago
Dzisiejsze roboty są w stanie wykonywać dużo różnych zadań, w tym np. przenoszenie ciężkich rzeczy. Jednak ich zastosowań może być znacznie więcej, co udowodnili naukowcy z University of Colorado Boulder, którzy stworzyli sztuczne samoleczące się mięśnie, dzięki którym roboty mogą zarówno przenosić wielkie ciężary, oraz delikatne przedmioty bez ich zgniatania.

Masz pomysł na biznes?
Napisz do nas: http://globalinnovationsupport.com/, http://startupera.pl/ już dziś, a my pomożemy Ci osiągnąć wymarzony sukces.

(źródło: http://www.geekweek.pl/aktualnosci/32055/sztuczne-miesnie-ktore-uniosa-200-krotnosc-wlasnej-wagi)


Uwaga KONKURS! Czy słyszeliście już o konkursie, którego organizatorem jest Global Innovation Support? Nadal jest czas by wziąć w nim udział i wygrać egzemplarz StartUp Magazine całkowicie za darmo! Zachęcamy do polubienia strony i napisania komentarza, który weźmie udział w zabawie na najlepszy pomysł na technologię jutra. Konkurs trwa do 10.01.2018! https://www.facebook.com/1923007927917570/photos/a.1962777200607309.1073741828.1923007927917570/1985463658338663/?type=3
Hiriko Citycar (developed by MIT). When folded, it takes less than two thirds the length of a smart car!
A Wearable Computer More Powerful than Glass, and Even More Awkward A startup that makes 3-D glasses stands out, in part, by including Steve Mann on its team.
earHeropro worlds first open ear earphone. Want it? Own it? Add it to your profile on unioncy.com #tech #gadgets #electronics


2 weeks ago
Nissan is creating a new technology making it possible to drive a car with our thoughts. More info at: https://t.co/WQPeRhTNDF
2 weeks ago
New robot can invent medicines on its own. More info at: https://t.co/MQq2TGotfV
4 weeks ago
BAE Systems have completed first set of trials with an UAV without any moving parts. More information at: https://t.co/6kXcLGnRnD
1 month ago
Google wants to provide Internet access in India using laser and transmitters. Find more at: https://t.co/DNl4sLzi2m
2 months ago
We have connected them with the investor, now they are refining their product. https://t.co/GFMkqZEHZE